Survivor Mental Health Tattoos

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Whether you’re suffering from depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, a survivor mental health tattoo can help you remember that you are not alone. While some days are harder than others, it’s important to remember that you are valuable, capable, and loved. Trying to put yourself down or talk down to yourself will not help you get anywhere. Having a tattoo to remind yourself that you are worth the love you give yourself can help prevent you from sabotaging your own progress and happiness.

Infinity tattoo symbol represents limitless possibility

The Infinity tattoo symbol has many different meanings. The best design will have a combination of meanings. For example, you could get one with an infinity symbol that represents a love for your pets. Another great design would feature an infinity symbol wrapped around your finger. You could also get an infinity tattoo on your hand if you love jewelry.

Another option for infinity tattoos is the infinity heart. It represents a relationship that never ends. This symbol can also be paired with the first name of a loved one.

Bipolar mental health tattoos remind you to be kind to yourself during mood swings

Getting a bipolar mental health tattoo can be a great way to remind yourself to be gentle with yourself during mood swings. A bipolar tattoo design can be as simple as a happy mask and a sad mask inked on your forearm or back.

Some tattoo designs feature punctuation to symbolize mental health challenges. A green ribbon with the word ‘Hope’ is one popular design. Another popular choice is a black and white striped ribbon. The semicolon sign is also a common mental health tattoo design.

Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of hope

A butterfly tattoo can be a symbol of hope for survivors of mental health issues. This tattoo symbol is often accompanied by a quote that inspires the wearer. “Your story isn’t over,” reads one such quote. It can be a subtle reminder for those who are fighting depression or struggling with suicide.

While mental illness is difficult to live with, there’s no reason to stop loving yourself. It is necessary to remind yourself of your worth and be kind to yourself. Self-sabotaging behavior and harsh self-talk won’t get you very far. Having a tattoo that shows you’re worth and being compassionate can keep you from self-sabotaging.

Semicolon tattoos remove stigma around mental illness

Semicolon tattoos are a great way to express your support for a mental illness and help remove the stigma surrounding it. This trend started with one person drawing a semicolon on himself, and has since grown to thousands. You can get one as a simple design, or make it part of a larger design. Whatever you choose, you’ll be helping to remove the stigma associated with mental illness and suicide.

Many people have suffered from mental illnesses. Despite being a stigmatized condition, the semicolon has become a symbol of hope and the ability to move on from the past. It has become an empowering symbol for people who are suffering from mental illness or suicidal thoughts. It also acts as a sign for others that they can count on you.


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