Top 5 BBQ Restaurants Near Me

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Top 5 BBQ Restaurants Near Me

The BBQ food tradition involves grilling and smoking meats outdoors. There are many restaurants that specialize in barbecue. Some of the best restaurants even offer catering services. Their menus have many different styles and flavors to choose from. BBQ restaurants are some of the best places to grab a meal for your next gathering. Whether you’re looking for traditional pit-cooked food or a gourmet twist on your local favorite, there’s a BBQ restaurant near you that will meet your needs.


Izzy’s BBQ Smokehouse is considered one of the best kosher smokehouses in the country. And now, it’s coming to the greater Miami area. Its empire now includes several locations in Miami, Brooklyn, and the UWS in Manhattan. Pitmaster Sruli Edelman is spearheading the expansion. His menu consists largely of smoked meats.


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a tasty BBQ meal, Virgil’s Real BBQ is one of the best places to go. Their meats are slow-cooked for up to ten hours using a unique wood mix. They’re located inside the LINQ Promenade.

Pig Beach

If you’re looking for a tasty barbecue joint near you, look no further than Pig Beach. This popular new restaurant opened in 2015 and has been attracting crowds from all over the five boroughs. Initially a pop-up, the restaurant quickly transformed an underutilized parking lot into a popular outdoor eating spot. Its signature meats, such as brisket, pulled pork, and beef ribs, are smoked over hickory, oak, pecan, and cherry woods.

Royal Rib House

A Royal Rib House barbecue near me is a longtime favorite local spot for BBQ ribs, soulful sides, sandwiches and more. The menu features classic favorites like fried chicken, ribs and pulled pork, as well as a wide selection of sides.

Difara Lucia

For barbecue lovers, Juicy Lucy BBQ on Staten Island is one of the best choices in the NYC metropolitan area. But starting next month, the team behind Juicy Lucy BBQ is branching out into Italian cuisine with a new partnership with famous pizza company Di Fara Pizza. The menu will feature classic Italian fare and incorporate barbecue into selected items.


If you’re looking for a low-key BBQ restaurant, you can visit the Hot Wings Cafe, which opened in 1988. The food here isn’t particularly spectacular, but the restaurant has a friendly and laid-back atmosphere.


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