What’s Today’s Wordle?

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What’s Today’s Wordle?

If you’ve been pondering what’s todays Wordle, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up five letter words, one homophone and one synonym in our quest to figure out the answer to today’s Wordle. Read on to learn more!

Answer to today’s wordle

Today’s Wordle puzzle features a word that seems strangely familiar. That word is “USURP”, and it means to “take over something or someone”. However, in this case, a king could be usurped by his jealous brother. The king could have avoided the brother’s ire if he had kept his status secret.

Wordle is an online word-guessing game in which players try to guess a new five-letter word every day. There is no time limit, and each player can guess the word up to six times before it’s revealed. The correct guess will be highlighted in green, while wrong guesses will be highlighted in yellow.


Today’s Wordle puzzle will be a tough one. The word has just one definition, but many synonyms have already been suggested for it. The puzzle will probably be especially challenging for people who are new to the English language. To help you with the puzzle, we’ve listed some popular synonyms for today’s word.

In recent years, wordle puzzles have gotten increasingly difficult. For example, the New York Times’ WordleBot tool found that players needed four guesses on average to solve the puzzle. That’s not bad, considering that the letters in the Wordle are all quite common.


Homophones are words that are the same in pronunciation but differ in meaning and spelling. For example, “bear” can mean an animal, carry something, or to bend at the waist. The word “barrow” has two different meanings. In this case, the words “barrow” and “bear” are homophones. These words are also called homonyms, and they share the same meaning, but differ in spelling and pronunciation.

The first letter of the April 9 word is a homophone, but this one isn’t quite a homophone. It has two vowels, and the second letter of the word is a less common prefix. This means that you need to use your last guess carefully to make sure you’re not guessing the wrong word!


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